Facts About Puerto Rico Tourism

There can be no doubt that the recent Hurricane Maria did some serious damage to both the Puerto Rico infrastructure and the reputation of the island as one of the premier ecotourism destinations on the planet. Although the cleanup is proceeding slowly it appears that the tourism industry is open for business.

So why would you visit this magical place?

If you have ever dreamed of a tropical paradise then the images that your imagination conjured up would probably be mirrored in the sights and sounds that you will encounter in Puerto Rico. Find the best Culebra hostel yelp.

With mile upon mile of pristine rainforest that is protected by law and stretches of amazing dazzling white sand beaches, it is not difficult to see why tourists flock to this island. Add to that local who are friendly and usually entirely comfortable speaking English, as well as their Spanish and you that all the essential ingredients for a Caribbean holiday that will create memories that will last a lifetime.

So if you have your sights set on that vacation of a lifetime what are some of the things you should know prior to booking your flight or cruise to the island especially in Culebra Puerto Rico Hotel

Firstly what time of year is best to visit?

Puerto Rico boasts a climate that allows visitors to bask in a tropical paradise all year round. Tourist holiday high season if between December and April – but this probably has more to do with the preferences of the United States tourists, rather than anything to do with the weather. If you are looking to avoid crowds then the best time to visit would be between May and November – but be warned this is Hurricane season – and if recent events are anything to judge whether it is the best time to visit then you might want to do some serious thinking.

The country has an extremely advanced tourism culture and there are numerous sources of information that will outline the attractions available to the traveler. One of the best of these is issued by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company. The Qué Pasa! magazine comes out every two months and is packed with spectacular photography and some incredibly informative information.

The value that the country places on the tourism industry is reflected in the sheer choice of accommodation options that are available to tourists. There is a style of lodging that will suit the tastes and bank balance of anyone who wants to spend time in this enormously attractive country.

As part of the u.S. commonwealth, Puerto Rico uses the dollar. Prices are comparable to those found in the United States – especially for meals – but there are a wealth of excellent budget options available. food trucks and roadside food outlets can provide some excellent choices. The spit roasted pork and the local version of gumbo known as asopao featuring either chicken or shellfish are two dishes that should not be missed.

This is a country with a warmth that has to be experienced – and so full to the brim with natural wonders that it is a must-visit destination.