Exercise Impacts Preschool Learning

Throughout most of recorded history, youngsters have spent their days playing, mimicking the physically active lifestyles of the adults around them. After all, this is one of the ways that children learn, tessais.org. In addition, kids had the opportunity to start picking up basic skills, such as counting and reciting the alphabet, as a part of their daily routine.

However, the modern world has changed much of that. Today, parents spend more time than ever before sitting behind desks, typing away at computers. Unfortunately, the kids today do the same thing. They are often capable of playing games on phones and tablets before they even learn how to run well. But this can have a seriously negative impact on their ability to process information.

This is because physical activity like Yoga in the preschool classroom stimulates the entire being. Blood flows not only to the extremities but also to the brain. It is crucial that these developing kids are able to make the correct neural pathways that will lead them to a successful life. If they have insufficient blood flow to the brain, it will diminish their lifelong learning ability.

No, this doesn’t mean that you should make your preschooler do a couple of miles on your treadmill every morning! In fact, that would likely only create new problems for yourself and your family. After all, adults don’t even want to climb on their treadmills, why would children?

This leaves many parents wondering how to ensure that their kids are able to get the best overall education possible. Today, many of the preschools across the nation include a variety of educational paths throughout the year, including giving the youngsters plenty of time to play.

Climbing on the jungle gym, running around on the playground and fighting magical dragons are a vital part of their development. Not only does it benefit their brains, but it also provides them with the strength, flexibility, and coordination necessary to grow into strong and healthy adults.

When kids have exercise as part of their educational program, the activity provides a wonderful contrast to the more cognitively intense activities of learning how to write and identify different colors. The well-rounded presentation of information gives the children the best balance to grow into happy and healthy people.

If you are ready to enroll your child in preschool, then you need to make sure that you choose well. Ask several questions, including those regarding the physical activities of the day. While many parents think to focus on the academic nature of the teachings, if the kids are not able to engage in healthy activity, they will come home antsy and grouchy.

Inquire as to how much time the children are allowed to play, as well as alternative activities for rainy and cold days. You can also talk to other parents that you know to find out their experiences with local preschools.

You want to know that you are giving your kids everything possible to grow up well. Finding the right preschool is one of the important tasks on your parenting list!