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What to do in New Orleans

New Orleans, a name synonymous with music, has as of late been saturated with things other than music. The obliteration activated by Hurricane Katrina has caused untold misery and numerous lives have been lost and homes wrecked; to be sure, a whole city had to grapple with its mortality in a most fierce and fearsome …

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Facts About Puerto Rico Tourism

There can be no doubt that the recent Hurricane Maria did some serious damage to both the Puerto Rico infrastructure and the reputation of the island as one of the premier ecotourism destinations on the planet. Although the cleanup is proceeding slowly it appears that the tourism industry is open for business. So why would …

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The Best Tourist Attractions in Japan

As recently as 2016 Japan attracted more than 24 million tourists to its shores. This is only a small indication of just how popular Japan is a tourist destination, – tour packages. The country remains one of the top tourist destinations due in part to a fascinating mix of ancient culture, modern attractions and …

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